BOND has recently upgraded and installed digital color equipment:

  • We have completed the installation of our 2nd Xerox iGen5.
  • We have completed the installation of a new Ricoh 9110 color digital press. This unit compliments our four black & white Ricoh copiers. This is BOND’s 1st Ricoh color machine – and we have high expectations.

With these equipment (and subsequent) software upgrades you will notice an improvement in your finished materials. The feedback points to sharper / finer text and truer color.

Some notes:

  • We recommend designers who are able to manage their images ensure they have tagged ICC profiles on their photos, and clients are free to send us outlined files as supplied print-ready art, however we will not be outlining fonts as standard practice any longer (due to the excellent font rendering abilities of the new equipment).
  • We will now be targeting sRGB and Gracol profiles, which offer a broader gamut of color.

These changes are for the benefit of our clients and serve to process your supplied art in the best way possible to maximize color quality and font reproduction.


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