Preparing Your Files

Print-Ready files = Beautiful results

Print-Ready is a term we use which means the submitted print file meets the following criteria for print; before you send your document to your printer, make sure your file meets the following criteria:

  • Convert all RGB images into CMYK color for consistent results
  • Set type in InDesign or Illustrator, not Photoshop
  • File has 1/8″ bleed and crop marks indicate cut lines
  • Contains only high-resolution images
  • Includes all fonts / All fonts are embedded (downsampling or outlining of fonts not required)
  • File is in proper format (Hi-Resolution PDF single-page)
  • File does not require any additional modifications or tweaks before being sent to the printer
  • Only submit spot colors found in the Pantone® guide
  • If necessary to submit working files, please provide a package with fonts and image links (or embed images)

Tips & How-To’s

Check out the handy sections below for tips and how-to’s. Don’t forget to check out our FAQ and link pages for more resources.


Printer Folds

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