From our specialty finishings to a one-of-a-kind fulfillment process, BOND has all of your printing needs covered.

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Print Finishing

Finishing, in the print world, refers to the value-added services that are performed after the actual printer has done its job and the ink is on the paper. The purpose of finishing is to transform the print job into an aesthetically pleasing and useable piece of work. BOND Reproductions in Vancouver’s list of in-house finishing services is extensive. Our full range of services include: cutting, folding, stapling, drilling, collating, laminating, UV coating, perfect binding, book making, padding, numbering, scoring, perforating and shrink-wrapping.

We also proudly offer specialty die cuts, foil stamps, embossing or engraving and special finishing. These services require extra time and attention and the team at BOND is happy to help if you decide that these services are right for your printing needs.

Fulfillment and Distribution

BOND Reproductions in Vancouver will help you reach your target market with our one-of-a-kind fulfillment, distribution, Canada Post mail and shipping services.

Our fulfillment process also includes:

Kitting Services:

Our team ensures that your business’s complementary printed products are assembled in conjunction with one another to produce a unified message to your customers in a powerful way.

Warehousing Services:

BOND Reproductions will manage and distribute your products for you. We can increase control over handling to reduce your costs and improve service levels.

Contact BOND to learn more about our finishing and fulfillment services