About Bond Reproductions

Bond Specialty Printers and Why We Are Here

In 1992, Bond was one of ten printing companies in a square block of Vancouver’s downtown core. In this competitive environment you had to stand out from the rest.

Without service being our underlying mission we would have been the same as everyone else. Of course quality was a given but our most important goal was to provide our customers with what they wanted, when they needed it.

Bond is still driven by our customer’s needs and our will to service. We do not differentiate between large and small; everyone is given the same level of attention. Service is no longer driven exclusively by management and a sales team, it is the mandate of all employees. Bond succeeds because our most important product is you, not print.

Choosing a Print Company

Many factors come into play when considering a printing company to manage your projects. At the very least, you should expect a helpful representative whose attention and knowledge will reassure you that your work is in capable hands.

Far too often, the lowest price is used as the decision making criteria without due attention to the big picture. Print quotes seldom reflect the level of service, quality of work or promise to honour both. It is a competitive field, to be sure, but when you deal with Bond you will get more value for your dollar along with fair, consistent and honest pricing.

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