Direct Mail Printing

Direct Mail Equals Results

Direct Mail will translate into success for your business. At Bond Reproductions, we know Direct Mail and our experienced team can help with your print’s design, mail plan and distribution.

Direct Mail offers a proven level of engagement. It is tangible, your prospects can touch it and read it when convenient and it may stimulate a closer look digitally. Together, Direct Mail and your website will make a positive impact on your business. Consumers acknowledge the impact mail has on their attention, confirming they are more likely to notice and read direct mail (53%) than email (26%) because of its physical tangibility*.

Reference: Canada Post Corporation, “Breaking Through the Noise,” June 30, 2015.

Direct Mail Gets Noticed

Even Direct Mail items that are discarded get noticed! The act of physically handling a mail piece brings consumer attention to it and, if nothing else, cumulatively builds up awareness of recurring brands. Keep your business top-of-mind; Direct Mail is simply the most effective way to get your potential customers to remember your business’s product or service.

Mail’s greater memorability appears to be anchored in its physicality. Not only does it serve as a visible reminder to act on a promotional message but also, scientific research confirms, that the mere act of consuming information in a printed format makes it easier to retain than when it is consumed digitally.

Direct by the Numbers

of Canadians share direct mail with family and friends. ++

increase in leads when direct mail is integrated with digital. *

of Canadians display mail advertising in their homes. ++

of retailers say direct mail shows the best ROI of all channels they use. *

increase in website visits when direct mail is integrated with digital. *

of marketers say combining online channels with offline marketing is key to success. *

*     2023 The State of Direct Mail, Lob and Comperemedia, 2023.
++  Their time has come: Unlocking the secret to marketing to Gen Z, Canada Post, 2023.

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