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By choosing Rainforest Alliance Certified™ hotels and tour operators in Latin America and the Caribbean, you’ll be visiting destinations that are not only fun and beautiful, but also benefit local communities, ecosystems and wildlife.

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Environmental improvements in the North American pulp and paper industry

The North American pulp and paper industry has made great progress in reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions over the last decade and at the same time have increased their use of certified fiber and support for sustainable forest management.

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Direct Mail vs. Email – Pros and Cons

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Email has long since been considered as a marketing medium that provides maximum reach for minimal investment and has served as an essential element of many a marketing campaign across any and all industries.

However Direct mail, whilst having been subject to somewhat of a falling out of favor over the past few years is beginning to see a resurgence, and is proving to be particularly popular for those who are harnessing this medium in new and re-thought ways.

These two mediums are widely different. Offering contrasting benefits and being suited to sometimes completely different audiences, industries or particular campaigns. So the question then is how you choose between them for your marketing needs, and, when all’s said and done, who comes out as king of the marketing mediums: Direct mail or Email?

Understanding the pros and cons of each marketing medium

Email: Pros

Email is cheap, fast and efficient

Email is seriously cheap and although you should spend time in carefully crafting your copy (and feature it within a sales focused email design) it still makes for a great form of marketing with one of the best ROIs out there.

Email is marvelous for data analysis

Not only can your message be delivered immediately, you also benefit from results that are fully analyzable through email campaign management software (perfect for honing future campaigns). Data feedback can include bounce, open and click through rates, to name but a few.

Email: Cons

Spamming is making it harder for everyone

Unfortunately the email marketing landscape has been made pretty bleak in recent years owing to a tidal wave of spam that consumers are, quite simply, sick of. This makes it more difficult for the email marketer as they do battle with inbox authenticity and receivers who are increasingly short on time.

Building a solid email list takes time

Gone are the days of buying cheap contact lists and expecting the world. Today you must build email lists through incentives, pre-approved permission and direct sign ups. Today such tasks take time and effort.

Email is pretty limiting

Email features plenty of limitations upon the creativity and despite advances this remains a medium that can generally only deliver moderately good looking materials.

Direct Mail: Pros

Direct mail is more flexible than ever before

From including printed QR codes which can take your future shopper direct to your website with a scan of a smartphone, through to printing on irresistible discounts on postcards, direct mail really is more flexible than ever before.

Direct mail is seeing impressive modern interaction

Research has found that direct mail is no longer the dull junk mail marketing medium of old and today clever marketers are successfully harnessing this method for encouraging social media activity, downloads, online purchases and audience/business rapport.

Direct mail can provide all the space that you need

In comparison to email direct marketing provides all the space that you need to tell your story, whatever it may be.

Direct mail provides the platform to convey and encourage emotion

Email users are in a rush. They may be checking their emails whilst commuting, or squeezing it in at lunch or before dinner. They don’t have time for emotions. However direct mail can provide readers with both space and time to read the materials in their own time and so you’re far freer with what can be expressed.

Designer Pairs Pantone Swatches With Tiny Everyday Objects

Inka Mathew, a Texas-based graphic designer and owner of Green Ink Studio, matches tiny, everyday objects from ladybugs to jelly beans with their corresponding Pantone colour swatches.

In a personal project called Tiny PMS Match, Mathew combines everyday items with their Pantone Matching System (PMS). The objects she uses “pique her interest and/or have special meaning.”

Designer Pairs Pantone Swatches With Tiny Everyday Objects

Integrating Your Digital and Print Marketing

To see the effect of combining direct mail with digital advertising, Canada Post and Ipsos conducted a neuromarketing study that measured emotional response, for results that provided more predictive insights.

Overall, the study showed that integrated campaigns drove more attention, higher brand recall, and a stronger emotional response than digital campaigns alone.

Integrating DIRECT MAIL AND DIGITAL improved factors that can drive consumer action. In this study, we saw (vs. single media campaigns):

Direct Mail Infographic


In this study, we saw that the SEQUENCE OF MEDIA had an effect on response. When we compared campaign results:

Direct Mail Infographic

Source: Canada Post/Ipsos Connecting for Action, September 2016

Targeting Your Direct Mail Audience

BOND will take care of all your mailing details for you – such as targeting, sorting, grouping and more.

Let us help you plan the best delivery routes for your Smartmail Marketing™ campaign. We can help you find the right customers in the right locations. We have the expertise to help get your flyers, postcards or other Neighbourhood Mail™ pieces to the right customers at the right time – target age, household size, income or a geographic area.

Call today (604.683.1251), and let us take the worry and hassle out of your direct mail needs.


BOND - Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Partner

BOND supports sustainable paper choices

If you are considering “going greener,” reduce your environmental footprint with Rolland Enviro100 Print papers.

recycle_recycled100% Post consumer waste. A smooth finish makes it an ecological alternative that displays an impeccable look and rich colour quality every time

Manufactured With Biogas Energy:
biogas_bw_engBiogas comes from decomposing landfill waste that’s been captured to prevent its release into the air. It is transported by pipeline to Rolland and used as thermal energy to produce paper instead of using traditional combustible fuels. Not only is biogas a renewable energy, it reduces their CO2 emissions by 70,000 tons, or 23,400 compact cars, annually.

Processed Chlorine Free:
ecologo_engUses 6 times less water than the industry average and contains no chlorine or derivatives, making it the only fine paper to be certified Processed Chlorine Free in North America.

BOND is proud to offer the Rolland Enviro100 Print line of papers.

Two Sides – A Great Environmental Story

twosidesna.orgIn North America we grow many more trees than we harvest.

Over the last six decades, the total U.S. forest area has increased by over 3% and the net volume of trees on timberland has increased by 58%.1

In Canada, the forest cover has remained stable over the last two decades and, in recent years, Canada’s actual harvest has been 44% of annual growth.2

1 USDA Forest Inventory Analysis, 2012
2 The Conference Board of Canada, 2014

UV Coating For Digital Pieces

Add some “pop” to your printed pieces by having it finished with UV coating. Ultraviolet coating is a very glossy (or matte) finish applied to the surface and then cured using UV light. It adds depth and amazing durability. Ask your Account Manager to see a sample – it’s a great, inexpensive way to make your work stand out from the rest!

BOND is a Tourism Vancouver Member

Tourism Vancouver LogoWe have been doing business in Vancouver for many years, and are proud ambassadors of this city we love. It’s no secret that tourism plays a huge, and growing, part in Vancouver’s economy. BOND looks forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Tourism Vancouver.

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