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In the list below are links to some of our favourite outside printing resources. If you are relatively new to printing, they might be worth a browse. Whether you are looking for a Guide to Preparing Files for Print or a Glossary of Printing Terms, we are here to help with all of your printing needs.

A Guide For Preparing Files for Print – Design Instruct
This is a basic guide aimed to help people just starting out in the print design business or are looking to learn more about preparing files better to send to press.

Canada Post Machineable Mail Advisor
Templates for designing Standard/Short and Long (S/L) and Oversize (O/S) mailings.

Forest Stewardship Council®
FSC® is an international certification and labeling system dedicated to promoting responsible forest management of the world’s forests.

Glossary of Printing & Graphic Terms
Includes technical and business terms.

Paper Because . . .
Paper is a sustainable, renewable, recyclable, plant-based product that connects us in so many ways to the important things in life. Great ideas are started on paper. The world is educated on paper. Businesses are founded on paper. Love is professed on paper. Important news is spread on paper.
Prepressure covers design techniques, PDF, PostScript, fonts, JDF and numerous other prepress topics that have to do with printed communication and graphic arts.

The Print Guide
Ideas and information to help achieve better quality in print.

Wikipedia Printing Terminology Category
This category contains pages about distinct parts, components and ideas involved in the industrial and commercial process of printing.

Print Equipment for Sale.


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