Pantone Launches Pantone SkinTone Validated, World’s First Validation Program For Skin Tones For Technology

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Carlstadt, NJ, January 6, 2022 – Pantone LLC, the global authority on color and provider of professional color tools for designers, today announced the launch of Pantone SkinTone Validated, a new patent pending technology program which allows display, TV, mobile device and printer manufacturers to have their devices tested for authentically reproducing Pantone SkinTones, derived from the Pantone SkinTone Guide. The new program will help provide confidence to companies and consumers that the colors they are seeing on the tested devices can authentically reproduce skin tones as defined by the Pantone SkinTone guide.

With virtually every generation demanding that brands truly represent equality and inclusivity, the Pantone SkinTone Validated program provides another level of product trust that each skin tone represents an individual’s authentic self. The program is the world’s first testing and validation program with a US patent pending for testing methodology. Pantone SkinTone Validated is an extension of Pantone Validated, a certification program that highlights whether an electronic display or print device can authentically reproduce the color standards from the Pantone Matching System.

For technology companies, achieving Pantone SkinTone Validated status helps display and print technology companies appeal to consumers who appreciate products that realize authenticity in the display of real-world colors, and that accurately represent the world’s palette of skin tones, as validated by Pantone, the world’s leading color authority. Additionally, it advances the goal for technological products to be more inclusive than ever. Pantone SkinTone Validated leverages the already existing Pantone SkinTone guide, the first scientifically based guide for matching and reproducing lifelike skin tones. Based on thousands of human skin measurements from a diverse range of ethnicities and age groups, the PANTONE SkinTone Guide catalogs 110 discrete and unique skin tone colors.

“We are extremely proud to be on the cutting edge of inclusivity in technology with our Pantone SkinTone Validated program,” said Iain Pike, Director of Licensing & Business Development at Pantone. “We look forward to working with companies across industries to realize skin tone color accuracy in their products and services for a better and more accurate experience with their technology.”

One of the first clients that has partnered with the Pantone SkinTone Validated program is BenQ Displays, becoming one of the worlds first companies to have the Validated certification for Skin tones for desktop displays. BenQ has achieved Pantone Validated for PMS Colors on select DesignVue PD and PhotoVue SW Models and Pantone SkinTone Validated for DesignVue PD3205U and PD2705U models, with select PhotoVue SW models anticipated to follow – please visit for details.

“Pantone SkinTone Validated, an extension of Pantone Validated, provides designers and photographers with products that realize authenticity in displaying real-world colors and accurately representing the world’s palette of skin tones,” said Conway Lee, President of BenQ Corporation. “BenQ has forged AQCOLOR Technology and is proud to join the global community of color professionals who trust the Pantone system to deliver accurate colors.”

BenQ will be displaying their Pantone SkinTone Validated displays at CES in Las Vegas between January 5-8, 2022. They will be located at Five Spot Room.

More partnership announcements for Pantone SkinTone Validated are coming soon.

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